Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
We use the revolutionary technology to build solutions
for businesses across verticals helping them gain the edge
over competition. Businesses can now use the immense knowledge
and information that they have and be multiple times effective
in delivering customer experience , manufacturing and training

Augmented Reality Solutions

Manufacturing and Automobile

Collotech AR solutions for training and maintenance spans from virtualisation of the digital information of machines
and the mechanical neuro system to using this environment to model, manufacture and service with a clear in-depth view. With the entire service manual virtualised, the workforce is 2 x more effective in delivering precise product or service. The AR device enables a technologist browse a virtual display of information and imagery in a real environment.

Education and Training

Right from building engaging content to transforming the learning material into augmented reality formats,
Collotech designs and develops end to end solutions for imparting the Gen-x method of education. There are
immense benefits of adopting our augmented reality solutions - visual imparting and life like effects results in high
knowledge retention. Creation of curiosity makes the program far more attractive, effective on a huge expanse of
reach. A virtual classroom can enable participants from all over to be in one single space-the virtual world.

Retail and Advertising

Be it a product at display in a retail store to static bill boards, Collotech AR advertising solutions bring everything
to life. Imagine picking up a product from the shelf, scanning the packaging and knowing everything about the
product through a live visual, it is the most effective way of advertising . With interactive modules right from product visualisation to product tracking to purchases, everything is enabled in just a scan. A whole new dimension in advertising and retail consumer experience.

Virtual Reality Solutions

Virtual reality has changed the way we interact with the world and things around us. We develop fully immersive
solutions that are revolutionising our method of processing content. Our solutions which span cross platforms,
integrate the various head-mounted displays and the hand held controllers to give the users a seamless immersive
experience. We take the VR experience beyond just gaming and entertainment, some of them being

Virtual Reality Health Care

Mind Healing Therapies, Assisted Surgeries, Exposure therapies to treat PTSD and other complex symptoms

Virtual Reality Training & Education

Employee training, Virtual Classrooms, Defence Training, Space exploration and training, Aviation training, Technical Training, Medical Students Training

Business Applications

Virtual Meetings, Conduct Interviews, Product Promotions, Design assistance, Automotive design and testing, Immersive entertainment, Real Estate, Travel and Tourisme