Internet Of Things
Businesses are rapidly tapping into the IoT solutions to build
a more robust and information driven connect with millions of
consumers. IoT consumer applications such as smart-homes ,
connected-cars, remote-care to industry solutions like smart-assets,
connected-manufacturing, Smart-logistics are growing needs for each
and every enterprise to deliver what we call RoA (Returns on Assets).

Smart Homes

Our smart home designs and solutions take you into future of living. Gadgets in your homes are getting smarter and they will eventually make your living easier. We deliver solutions that intelligently connect these smart devices to you, giving you much needed comfort and control. With the use of machine learning and AI, over time the devices take over from you and manage your lifestyle.

Smart Health

With the use of smart wearables which can enable immense amount of data collection which is then processed and analysed and connect to the medical equipment ecosystem, our healthcare solutions will help the service providers engage and manage their consumers with superlative and precision care.

Connected Workforce

Our connected workforce solution is designed to deliver an effective mobile workforce in a complex environment. We design the solution by using complex algorithms that we have developed after extensively researching and studying the mobile workforce patterns. Our solution will integrate your legacy systems, programs and assets to mobile workforce effectively enabling the enterprise to work on multiplied productivity.

Connected Assets

Smart devices are just as smart as you make them. The future beholds an enterprise environment where the woman intelligence will be utilised for design , development and management whereas most of the transactional tasks will be done by intelligent machines. Connecting the assets of an enterprise so as to enable them carry out actions based on standardised commands is what our solution focusses on. We build zero intervention models with protect mechanisms and ability to transact within the asset network.