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Computer Vision

Our data capture process is built on most advanced computer vision technologies that go to depths beyond standard recognition abilities of OCRs

Machine Learning

At the heart of our cognitive platform lie the most advanced deep learning models to deliver sustainable process automation in your enterprise

Artifical Intelligence

Trained over large amounts of data, our AI algorithms give a headstart to our customers saving them expensive capital while others play catch-up

Natural Langauge Processing

Ability of our cognitive platform to unlock unstructured data enables you to tap into the unchartered data sets within your enterprise

Power Your Business with Collotech Cognitive

Leverage the power of Collotech’s deep learning models for precision classification and extraction of data from documents , images , visuals , speech and sensory data sources. Reduce manual dependencies , save huge costs and be ahead of the opportunity curve in your business

Our Cognitive AI platfrom assists the enterprise workforce by managing their thinking tasks. Coupled with Robotics Process Automation the capabilities of carrying out complex processes is also achieved

Using the most sophisticated pre & post processors our Cognitive platform is designed to achieve high accuracy and reliable performance. We deliver out of the box capabilities better than any other similar platform

CIPP – Generate Meaningful Data From Documents, Images & Sensory Inputs

80% of data in a business is unstructured. We call it “Dark Data”. An information that is difficult to access using only robotics processes. Any enterprise still relies on a large workforce only to access and process data received in documents

Collotech Image Processing Platform (CIPP) with its inbuilt self learning capabilities keeps on improving the accuracy of processing. CIPP along with RPA can carry out repetitive complex tasks at high processing speeds to enable a future workforce that is 24/7 ready

CIPP Workflow


Collect & Synthesize your data


Modify, Rationalize, Normalize your data


Validate, Authenticate your data


Perform the process actions


Ensure consistency & accuracy


Reliable, Accurate, Timely analysis & reporting

Cognitive Solutions


Invoices contribute to largest data accumulation across businesses and have a direct impact on revenues. Automating invoices is an evident must for every enterprise


From underwriting to claim processing, every insurance business thrives on data from documents. Our insurance automation solutions makes these processes way faster


Our mortgage solution too is trained on a massive number of documents across wide variety of forms. When it comes to accuracy, our platform delivers best performance


Our KYC automation solution effectively manages classification & extraction of information and also performs complex tasks of informtion validation


A business that has a huge dependence on data in form of statements and agreements, our banking automation is the solution a bank can rely upon.


We are not just solving the complex documents classification & extraction in a healthcare process but also have the ability to process images like x-rays etc

Our Customers