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  • April 19, 2021
  • Amit Jain

AI In Beer Brewing

Artificial intelligence has been expanding at a pace that was beyond anyone’s imagination until a few years ago. AI has made and is continuously making significant strides across broad range of industries. With the advancements that AI has brought on the table, the idea of AI implementation in beer brewing hits as a mild surprise but, is believable.

AI revolutionizing beer

The start of automated brewing can be traced back to 2016, when Hew Leith and Rob McInerney found IntelligentX which used data to improve beer on its own.

IntelligentX continues to have distinction of creating world’s first beer using AI algorithms and machine learning for adjustments in recipes. The platform offers production of 4 different types of beer Black AI, Golden AI, Pale AI and Amber AI.

Following this, Carlsberg, the Copenhagen-based brewery, introduced Beer Fingerprinting Project in collaboration with Microsoft, Technical University of Denmark and Aarhus University. The danish beer maker who is the person behind this project has developed sensors that detect the differences between beer flavours.

Taking this trend further, Champion Brewing Company from America, partnered with the machine learning firm Metis Machine to create a new variety of Indian Pale Ale with the help of machine learning.

Why AI?

According to Carlsberg, it takes long to innovate new beers because brewers rely on humans - and techniques such as chromatography and spectrometry - to test liquids and detect flavours and aromas. The beer brewing using AI would help in reducing the time it takes to develop new beer by 30%.

“There’s a craft brewing revolution happening across the world right now. People’s tastes are changing faster than ever before as a result. And AI is the perfect way to respond,” IntelligentX co-founder Hew Leith and CEO of 10x says in a video. AI helps brewers receive and test customer feedback "more quickly than ever before" quoted the founders.

In addition, Tyler Hutcherson, a data science engineer at Metis Machine, describes: "Our goal was to demonstrate that artificial intelligence, while perceived to be quite daunting, can lend itself to many practical domains, including craft brewing."

Examples to how AI works:

n general companies implementing AI use a bot which does all the data gathering and analysing jobs. This data comes either from questionaries or from various analysis. In case of IntelligentX, beer bottles have codes printed on them. These codes direct customers to a questionnaire. The questionnaire information is interpreted by an algorithm that learns from customer feedback and gets better on its own. The feedback then spots trends and formulates the brewing process.

The taste-sensor platform used in Carlsberg, provides help in working upon the distinct flavours of beers; the platform helps in drawing clear distinctions between flavours formulated by varying quantities of yeast, water, barley etc., easily and quickly.


The innovative application and implementation of AI in brewery industry is not only beneficial for industry in terms of ROI and time but also, lets customers contribute their bit to the process. The intelligent processes not only helps in producing high quality beer with variations in recipes but also ensures that reason behind these variations is the customer. The businesses can now meet customer expectations, save large and customers can enjoy quality beers.

Ever since such developments began impacting brewers all over the world, IT experts are now working on new AI-based applications and systems. Reinhard Karger from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Saarbrücken believes that a company – whatever the sector – won’t be able to manage without artificial intelligence in the future: “Artificial intelligence helps to make better use of large quantities of data, to automate processes, to evaluate feedback in real time and to act more quickly within the market.”

The next sip you take may be a treat to your palate crafted by AI. Collotech builds AI models for various processes across industry sectors and is contributing to this revolution in the brewery industry.