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  • March 30, 2021
  • Amit Jain

Augmented Working - Human & Digital Workers

“Man, minus machine is a slave; Man plus the machine is a freeman.”- Henry Ford, 8/1/1925

Digital life i.e., amalgamation of human and digital co-workers is aggrandising human capabilities and disrupting eon-old human activities.

Human Intelligence is the most unique amongst all forms because of its unparalleled ability to comprehend, modify, design and establish new forms of intelligence. With AI in the play, we seek the enhancement of this intelligence. While AI and ML are currently altering the traditional ways of working, the bigger picture is aimed at making humans work with bots, not as bots. Both humans and machines have varied respective strengths and shortcomings, the combination is to scale process efficiencies from 5X to 50X to 500X in forth coming years.

A report published by Harvard Business review stated that the firms where human and machines work together achieve the most significant performance, which is the intended motive. There are categories to the tasks both human and machine can work on, while AI is to manage the algorithms that drive engine platforms, human is to work on accuracy checks and interactions.

Nearly all business work processes are now benefiting from this augmentation with visible efficiencies beyond imagination. The tools now developed are not mere tools but actors unto themselves with their future held in our hands.