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  • April 5, 2021
  • Bikanksha Juneja

Automate Now

Automation has been in play for years, but pandemic-fuelled slowdown has urged businesses to get their mundane process automated.

Reasons to why any delay in automation is not justified:

  • The speed at which advancements are happening: Artificial intelligence statistics from a recent survey show that more than nine in ten (91.5 percent) top businesses report having an ongoing investment in AI (NewVantage,2020). No matter how tallied the count of conversion into an Automated smart business, is faster than anyone has ever witnessed.

  • The competition: If you have not automated yet your competitors have either done or soon will. Automation offers first mover advantages; the businesses grow faster with exponential productivity. AI driven operations have simply outpaced every other company despite disrupted supply chains, best example to the stated comment is Amazon (with exponential profit growth in 2020).

  • Customer Expectations: According to Harvard Business Review, businesses are all about customer services. Any firm that lags in giving top notch customer service will flounder. “Covid-19 is pushing once digitally-resistant customers to new levels of comfort with technology and raising expectations for how their business partners engage them,” states the review.

  • Automation is a WIN-WIN: Automation helps you retain staff for higher value tasks, offering long term return on investments, Faster speeds and 24x7 reliability.
  • Automation with AI helps businesses prepare for future. Companies have always been ignoring inefficiencies which has led to lost productivity and profits during covid. Standardise your work processes , Augment employee decision making and much more with AI and Automation at your backend .