Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is fast becoming the fulcrum of all things technology
Our team of engineers and data scientists always thrive to build intelligent and innovative solutions using the power of processing and machine learning
Artificial Intelligence

Information and Language processing along with machine learning is bound to create a future in which life will become more comfortable, effective and progressive. Artificial intelligence is fast becoming the fulcrum of all things technology. At Collotech we thrive to focus on building intelligent and innovative solutions using the power of processing and machine learning. And while we develop solutions using Artificial Intelligence, we keep human intelligence above all.

With solutions spanning across industry verticals right from financial services to healthcare to engineering to entertainment and the works, solutions use the platforms of technologies which integrate devices and machines. Our team of data scientists and processors build custom logic and analytics into the solutions to make these devices or machines stronger and more powerful to be able to carry out most functions by themselves . The idea is to reduce human intervention in standardised processing and actions.

Data as a Service
Data as a Service

For self driven data science, generation of synthetic data & deep dive into machines is what we do to propel digital analytics and machine learning.

It’s imperative to have access to high-quality datasets for your journey into the exciting world of data science and machine learning. The paucity of flexible and rich enough dataset limits one’s ability to deep dive into the inner working of machine learning or statistical modelling technique and leaves the understanding superficial. Self driven data science is the key to future models in machine learning and automation.

Synthetic datasets generation immensely help us to achieve this. it is desirable to be able to generate synthetic data based on complex nonlinear symbolic input, just the kind of datasets one needs to have while building complex machine learning algorithms or a deep neural network. Our team plots the datasets in multiple dimensions to understand the patterns visually and demonstrates the working of machine learning algorithms intuitively.

Searching for a real life dataset, extracting it, running exploratory data analysis, and wrangling with it to make it suitably prepared for a machine learning based modelling is invaluable and this is what we achieve for our customers through synthetic dataset generation

Synthetic Dataset Generation

A repository of data that is generated programmatically, rich enough to help any machine learning application conduct fascinating experiments with various classification, regression, and clustering algorithms and have a wide variety of statistical distribution to base this data upon. Synthetic data for better machine learning algorithms is far reaching in cases where it helps get around security and privacy concerns with real datasets.

  • Regression dataset generation
  • Classification dataset generation
  • Clustering dataset generation
  • Anisotropic cluster generation
  • Concentric ring cluster data generation
  • Moon-shaped cluster data generation
  • Data generation with arbitrary symbolic expressions
  • Categorical data generation
  • Machine learning experts
  • Mathematicians & Statisticians
  • Data Scientists
  • Python
  • R