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  • April 7, 2020
  • Amit Jain

The Next Level Transformation of Healthcare

Healthcare providers across the globe carry out multiple procedures and tasks such as patient onboarding, billing and claims management, delegating medical professionals, collecting patient reports and data, and providing prescriptions. Traditionally, these tasks are managed or monitored manually or with the help of off-the-shelf software. With this approach, executing and tracking these procedures along with core tasks can be tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone.

Additionally, healthcare institutions need to ensure compliance for various rules and regulations. Besides, healthcare regulations are constantly changing hence, healthcare institutions have to be updated with the latest changes and take suitable measures for regulatory compliance. Non-compliance of regulations can result in hefty fines or in some cases, shutdown of healthcare service providers. Such incidents can adversely impact the business and reputation of healthcare institutions.

Leveraging Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) in healthcare presents a feasible solution for several concerns related to healthcare. As part of IPA, the RPA bots automate rule-based tasks in high volumes and the Cognitive Automation bots automate the intelligent task using technologies like computer vision, natural language processing and machine learning.

Such an orchestration of bots can store and manipulate data, process transactions, communicate with other digital systems, and trigger responses. These bots have the ability to generate accurate results and avoid errors. Collotech’s IPA solutions for healthcare are designed to deliver the hyper-automation that the healthcare sector needs.

The Patient Onboarding Challenge

At this leading healthcare services provider, patients would often schedule appointments online through their web and mobile application. This provider has to collect personal information, diagnosis, and insurance details as part of their registration process. Scheduling appointments based on patient data can be a tedious process. Also, patient appointments need to be aligned with different doctors’ based on their schedules and availability in hospitals. For instance, if a patient needs to be diagnosed by a neurologist, then their appointment must be fixed according to the neurologist’s timings in the hospital. Also, in case any doctor is unable to attend to their patients, then the hospital staff needs to inform the patients beforehand.

Each patient onboarding took 5-6 hours and was being managed by a team of 150 staff to cater to onboarding of 300 patients in a day across their network of 17 hospitals. Imagine, if this effort is extrapolated to a larger network of hospitals.

Our Approach

Collotech’s consulting services helped a leading healthcare service provider map the entire patient onboarding process and identify gaps, objective being to reduce patient onboarding time. We designed and implemented our IPA bots to collect patient data from multiple upstream applications and process this data. These bots would schedule patient appointments according to diagnosis, location, doctor availability, and other criteria. The bots would extract and match the patient data from the scans and CRM to create a report that was then sent out to the representative to fix the appointments. Additionally, bots were built to notify patients when doctors are unavailable for their appointment for easy rescheduling.

CIPA Bots Are Now Managing The Complete Onboarding

Today, the software robots built on CIPA platform work along with the human resources who manage the process of onboarding patients across this network of 17 healthcare facilities. The bots are configured to work in a synchronized workflow within this robotics orchestrator, which is further integrated with the HMS, CRM and various other downstream applications.

The combination of Collotech’s technology stack, advanced automation algorithms and consulting services has enabled a leading service healthcare service provider to significantly grow its business without adding headcount or compromising on quality. At the same time with more efficiently controlled costs, more resources are now available to ensure quality customer experiences.


Of the resources managing customer onboarding are now reallocated to deliver better customer experience.

Under 30 Minutes

Of onboarding time per customer, down from erstwhile 5-6 hours.

$ 1.5 mn

Of projected annual saving on direct and indirect costs of managing the customer onboarding in the first year itself.